Singer Mowzey Radio is on a wanted case of impregnating a YMCA student

According to Nakajjanko Shamim, Radio impregnated her when she was still schooling at YMCA but refused to take care of their child after giving birth.Shamim, who is currently staying in Buwenge, Eastern Uganda, has now resorted to growing rice to make ends meet since her dad chased her out of his home upon finding out…


Is Singer Lydia Jazmine gay !!! YES or NO ???

Singer Lydia Jazmine snooped kissing a fellow woman. Popular singer Lydia Jazmine shocked everyone with the total misbehaviour which is around her. The singer dinned with friends in a local bar were they started misbehaving. The horny couple left the revelers stunned when they snogged live for almost all the night… We’ve also heard that…

Video Sheilah Gashumba shows off her butts grown

Video Sheilah Gashumba shows off her butts grown

Its now the time Sheilah Gashumba is set to appear on some men’s list of Woman Crush Wednesday after the, who used to be tall, slender and Figure 1 finally grows some hips and bum on her pelvic.