Meet one of uganda’s best videographer Moses Scott

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When he’s not out shooting commercial assignments for outdoor, travel, and lifestyle brands, Ugandan photographer moses scott makes time to shoot for himself. In sept, a camera followed him on one of these personal trips to jinja to document his “other life” as a photographer.

our team documented a short film, created by entrepreneurs academy, is beautiful, inspirational, and honest. It inspires wanderlust by capturing the need to recharge and create that so many of us feel; and yet, it doesn’t shy away from showing the loneliness that comes, part and parcel, with this nomadic instinct.

His day job involves capturing the beautiful ‘postcard’ shot, but that’s not what drives Lars. He told us he prefers “captur[ing] beautiful landscapes in harsh environments,” moody photos that he says “make me feel very alive.”

What kind of photography makes you feel alive? And have you made time to go out and capture it in-between paying the bills?


  • who is your best photography / videography in your country ???

  • wolokox

    who is your best photography / videography in your country ???